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Tiger Maple Tiger, curly or figured maple is an aberration that occurs in all the species of maple on an irregular and unpredictable basis, and changes a good, utilitarian hardwood into one of our true domestic exotics Backside view of a violin Flame maple (tiger maple), also known as flamed maple, curly maple, ripple maple, fiddleback or tiger stripe, is a feature of maple in which the growth of the wood fibers is distorted in an undulating chatoyant pattern, producing wavy lines known as flames

There are two main types of maple that have the figure, Curly Hard Maple, and Curly Soft Maple. The term Tiger Maple is most often given to curly soft maple because the curly stripe in it resembles the stripe of a tiger. The term Tiger Maple is also given to a Curly Maple with exceptional or heavier than the normal figure Tiger Maple Matched Sets of lumber at Good Hope Hardwoods *Please Left Click To Enlarge Small Photos* We stock Tiger Maple in: 4/4 Tiger Maple 5/4 Tiger Maple 6/4 Tiger Maple 8/4 Tiger Maple 12/4 Tiger Maple 16/4 Tiger Maple 20/4 Tiger Maple. The Tiger Maple Set Below Is GHH Set #89. This set is 123 long cut 6/4 thick. 140bdft $250 The principal use of Tiger Maple is for cabinetry, furniture, interior trim, flooring, boxes, crates/pallets, musical instruments, turned objects, and other small specialty wood items. If your interest in more of the details on how lumber is graded you read all about it in NHLA Rules Book. Figure Tiger Maple Lumber. FAS/Select and Better Grad

TIGER (CURLY) MAPLE Native range- Acer rubrum For over 15 years, C. P. Johnson has been one of the leading suppliers of tiger (curly) maple lumber in the country, servicing furniture makers throughout New England & the Mid-Atlantic. The curly soft maple we provide is 100% red maple, with none of the inferior silver maple common in the midwest Buy individual 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 Figured Curly Tiger Maple Fiddleback Wood Lumber Tonewood Board Curly Hard Maple lumber, turning wood, hobby wood and instrument wood. Our facility produces Birdseye Maple Lumber, Curly Maple (Tiger Maple) Lumber and we stock over 70 species of exotic wood. OVER 100 SPECIES OF EXOTIC WOOD! - Custom Orders Welcome: (877) 770-9663 Located in Northern Michigan, we are in the center of Birdseye Maple Country. Each week local loggers harvest Birdseye Maple and Curly Maple (Tiger Maple) trees and bring them to area log bids. We regularly visit these bids to choose the best logs available Curly maple, tiger maple, fiddleback maple and quilted maple (various names for different types of figure found in maple lumber) have to be some of the more interesting woods to finish because you can take a board from mild to wild with the simplest of techniques. Here are just a few of them

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  1. Buy individual Curly Figured Tiger Fiddleback Luthier Maple and see pictures of each. Curly Hard Maple, Birdseye, Cherry, Ambrosia, Spalted, Maple, Black Walnut, Ash Torrefied Roasted Maple, Stabilized Curly Wood
  2. Antique Figured Tiger Maple Wood Step Stool, Folk Art Wood Milking Stool. $250.00. $14.00 shipping. 19TH C ANTIQUE COUNTRY PRIMITIVE TIGER MAPLE DROP LEAF DINING TABLE . $1,575.00. or Best Offer. 35 watching. @1825 Federal Sheraton Antique Nightstand Work Table Tiger Curly Maple Cherry. $4,200.00
  3. Some of the tiger maple furniture that is still intact dates back to the early 1800s, and it is fairly common to find furniture of this time period that is made from more than one wood. Desks and chests of drawers might be made of tiger maple and cherry, a sideboard might be constructed of tiger maple and mahogany, and a tiger maple credenza.

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  1. We carry some of finest custom tiger maple gunstocks. We also have a wide selection of other custom products, including tomahawks & handles, blanks, and more
  2. Tiger Maple Wood Board, Wood Slab, Maple Lumber, Unfinished Wood SpecialtyWoodDist 5 out of 5 stars (205) $ 46.99. Add to Favorites Quick view Tiger maple hall table / entry table ejfurniture 5 out of 5 stars (18) $ 850.00. Only 2 available and it's in 2.
  3. This kitchen, characterized by its fabulous wood and small details, is featured in beautiful Tiger Maple cabinets. From soapstone counters, to the small candle drawers, this kitchen leaves nothing to be desired. Placed in a new old house the owners wanted to see no appliances, and wanted each cabinet to look like a different piece of furniture
  4. Tiger Maple Wood Lazy Susan, Rustic Turntable, Wedding Gift SpecialtyWoodDesigns 4.5 out of 5 stars (399) $ 69.95 FREE shipping Add to Favorites Quick view Rustic - Primitive Tiger Maple Tavern Table by Rob Sykes Furniture RobSykesFurniture 5 out of 5 stars (15.
  5. Tiger Maple Wood Board, Wood Slab, Maple Lumber, Unfinished Wood SpecialtyWoodDist 5 out of 5 stars (205) $ 33.99. Add to Favorites Quick view Small Curly (Tiger) Maple Cutting Board SamsLostInTheWoods 5 out of 5 stars (16) $ 15.00. Only 1 left Add to Favorites.

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These curly maple wood veneer sheets are known by many names including flame, tiger, and fiddleback maple. The figure, which occurs in less than 1 in 25 logs, contains cross-grain shimmering ripples where cell orientation is balanced but uneven. The real beauty of a great curly maple veneer can be seen without any special finish Highly Figured Fiddleback Maple Wood Veneer is a great veneer for a unique look. Figured Fiddleback Maple or Tiger veneer is one of the many types of Maple veneers on the market. The species ranges widely in the northern hemisphere and craftsmen enjoy its workability and characteristics Product description Curly Tiger Maple wood veneer 24 x 96 with peel and stick adhesive pressure sensitive with 3M adhesive PSA 2' x 8' AAA best grade with figure covering 75-100% of the sheet. Simply peel off the backer and stick it on a well-prepared surface and apply pressure

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Curly Tiger Maple wood veneer 24 x 96 with peel and stick adhesive pressure sensitive with 3M adhesive PSA 2' x 8' x 1/40 thickness AA second best grade considered above average (50-75% figure approximate). Simply peel off the backer and stick it on a well-prepared surface and apply pressure Antique Tiger Maple and Cherry Wood 2 Drawer Kitchen Island Table. $965.00. View It on eBay. Eldred Wheeler oval stand from tiger maple burl birdseye maple of Museum quality. $1,600.00. View It on eBay. Vintage D R Dimes Porringer kitchen dining table in sold tiger or figured maple. $4,450.00 Looking For Wood Veneer Sheets Maple? Find It All On eBay with Fast and Free Shipping. Check Out Wood Veneer Sheets Maple on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today Flame maple (tiger maple), also known as flamed maple, curly maple, ripple maple, fiddleback or tiger stripe, is a feature of maple in which the growth of the wood fibers is distorted in an undulating chatoyant pattern, producing wavy lines known as flames. This effect is often mistakenly said to be part of the grain of the wood; it is more accurately called figure, as the distortion is.

Curly Maple or Tiger Maple (so called for its abundant tiger stripe figuring) is also not a specific species of maple; the figuring is common in many varieties of the Acer genus. While it is most commonly found in the softer maples, it is also seen regularly in Hard Maples, which is what we offer. Maple is one of those rare woods where the sapwood is considered more valuable and coveted. Aug 5, 2018 - Explore Christy Parker's board Tiger Maple Furniture on Pinterest. See more ideas about maple furniture, tiger maple, furniture First of all, soft maple and red maple are typically the same things. The term soft maple is a bit of a comparative misnomer, as soft maple is harder than many other hardwoods (such as cherry). Soft maple is also often referred to as tiger maple for the tiger-like stripes in the wood, or curly maple if the stripes are a bit more of the curly.

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  1. Maple Frames (Tiger - Curly - Birdseye) Shipped Fully Assembled. This is a collection of our high quality Maple frames. These frames are the real thing solid maple wood with a hand applied finish to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. They can be ordered in any size you would like large or small
  2. Hey Greg. Personally, for birdseye maple, I wouldn't really follow this procedure. I usually reserve this for highly figured woods like tiger maple. So if you want a little extra color on your birdseye maple, then sure, you can do this procedure. But you might be better served with a stain or dye
  3. Find Maple lumber & composites at Lowe's today. Shop lumber & composites and a variety of building supplies products online at Lowes.com
  4. Tiger Maple, Cherry, White Ash, Black Walnut, and Pine are enhanced with dyes and glazes by our skilled finisher. We use a multi-layered, environmentally friendly finish process that creates a durable, water-resistant surface that is then given a soft low sheen glow by the application of a beeswax rub
  5. Choose the color of your fine Amish Tiger Maple furniture from our selection of premium, hand-rubbed stains. Due to variations in screens and lighting, we do not require you to make a final stain selection when you order. You may pick four colors at checkout and we will send you actual wood samples to view in your home free of charge
  6. The figure in tiger, or curly, maple is a feature of great potential beauty. But how can you finish it to bring out its full loveliness? You can, of course, give it a clear finish—like General Finishes Arm-R-Seal or a water-based finish such as General Finishes High Performance.This will reveal the curl as a lightly shimmering variation in a tone that adds subtle elegance to a project

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Bocote 2200 Maple, Soft 999 Brazilian Tiger Mahogany 3840 Teak, Plantation 1000 Brushbox, Northern 2045 Cherry, Africa, Makore 1010 Bubinga 1980 Ash, Victorian 1010 Butternut 490 Walnut, Domestic Black 1010 Camaru (Brazilian Teak) 3540 Oak, Tasmainian 1010 Cherry, Africa, Makore 1010 Aniegre 1110 Cherry, Brazilian 2820 Teak, Old Growth 115 I am not new to the woodworking industry, but I am to working with tiger maple and in bringing out the grain in the finishing process. Oil base stains seem to mute the grain effect.. I have tired sampling w/ alcohol base dyes but cannot get a nice light honey brown effect to save my life and also I get radical color variations in the. Examples include species such as tiger maple, birdseye maple, quartersawn white oak, curly cherry, walnut, lacewood, padauk, and rosewood, to name just a few options. As a hardwood dealer and supplier, we have hundreds of highly-competitively priced types of wood available for all of your woodworking needs Reproduction Custom Tiger Maple Furniture with craftsmanship borrowed from the 18th century. Designed with superior construction techniques, with the beauty & excellence of a time gone, when pieces lasted. These works will be generational furniture. At the turn of the 18th century, some of the most elegant furniture ever built came into existence

Wood Selections * Select an option... Pine headboard with Maple posts and rails Painted finishes on Sugar Pine wood ( $ 530.00 ) Cherry wood ( $ 660.00 ) White Oak wood ( $ 660.00 ) Tiger Maple wood ( $ 925.00 Fiddleback Maple, also known as Tiger Maple, exhibits a unique depth and dimensionality that sets it apart from other figured woods; its waves are more dense. In addition, the coloration of Fiddleback's figured stripes and lines can vary dramatically, based on the incident angle of the light Figured maple wood, also known as curly, fiddleback, tiger, flamed, ripple, and more, is not its own species but a phenomenon that occurs in some trees. The wood is extremely reliable yet easy to work with, making it a favorite for many woodworkers worldwide Unlike some other types of wood, tiger maple can be tricky to finish if you're looking for those pop-out tiger stripes to show on your finished stock. Here's how to really bring out those tiger stripe highlights. Items you will need. Wet/dry sandpaper, 150-, 400- and 600-grit

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Maple. Maple is a very light colored, very hard, closed grained wood that finishes to an incredibly silky smooth feel. It is the wood that bowling alleys are made from because of its hardness. Enlarge. Curly or tiger maple: Curly Maple . Curly maple is maple that has a grain pattern that makes it look like it has curls or waves in it Curly maple is a variety of wood that is favored by musical instrument craftsmen. The wood is sought after but is not a type of maple. It refers to the patterning inside the wood. The grain forms into several different and unique patterns such as birdseye, tiger, quilted and other interesting grain effects Thick Tiger Maple Wood Board, Wood Slab, Maple Lumber, Unfinished Wood $ 29.99 Add to cart Tiger Maple Wood Board, Wood Slab, Maple Lumber, Unfinished Wood $ 46.99 Add to cart Tiger Maple Wood Board, Wood Slab, Maple Lumber, Unfinished Wood

Curly and Tiger Maple are used interchangeably to describe the same thing. Fiddleback maple does have origins in instrument making as the best wood for making that part of the fiddle is quartersawn curly material. I'm not sure though that the term is still necessarily used to describe that wood INCLUDED: One piece TIGER flamed maple wood with skunk stripe Bone Nut 9.5 radius Truss rod adjustment in heel Gloss clear amber finished 6130 Med Jumbo frets. Modern flat'C' profile. SO fine. So pretty. I create high quality builds. Refinish old relic bodies with lacquer. Add Hot Mod Vintage electronics Since the Renaissance, artists have used faux wood graining techniques to give simple furniture, doors, and trim the look of much finer woods like tiger maple, burled walnut, and flame mahogany. Common Name(s): Birdseye maple, bird's eye maple Botanical Designation: Not a distinct species of maple; considered a growth/grain anomaly. Although rare exceptions exist, birdseye maple is almost exclusively harvested from hard maple (Acer saccharum).. Distribution: Northeastern North America Average Dried Weight: 44.0 lbs/ft 3 (705 kg/m 3) Janka Hardness: 1,450 lb f (6,450 N

This kitchen, characterized by its fabulous wood and small details, is featured in beautiful Tiger Maple cabinets. From soapstone counters, to the small candle drawers, this kitchen leaves nothing to be desired. Placed in a new old house the owners wanted to see no appliances, and wanted each cabinet to look like a different piece of furniture Curly maple, also referred to as tiger, striped, or flame maple, denotes a specific type of figured maple which presents with unusual waves or markings like a tiger's stripes. There are multiple causes of curly maple Big Leaf Maple with curl is beautiful but not better than Tiger Soft Maple or Curly Hard Maple. Quilted Maple is a world class figured hardwood with big bubbles of compression leaving one to wonder how figure such as this can come out of one tree


Maple Wood Veneer. Here is our real-time inventory of hard maple veneer. Nice, clean, and wide maple is getting hard to find at reasonable prices. The stock we offer in this species and grain is limited because our standards for quality and price are so high that most veneer mills simply can not get what we request. Get it here while you can. This tiger maple wood board is highly figured and covered with beautiful tiger and ambrosia stripes. Really amazing piece for a woodworking project. Planed and kiln dried. This piece has a knot hole.-Measures 24 X 6.5 X 1.125-Unfinished. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing Feb 28, 2021 - Tiger Maple Side Cabinet by Tom Dumke. The harmonious design and expert craftsmanship of this handcrafted cabinet highlight the natural beauty of its highly figured tiger maple wood. Dark wenge accents emphasize the clean lines of the Shaker-inspired design. Mortise and tenon joinery and pegged construction ensure tha

Soft Maple is mainly used as a good secondary lumber, but it is starting to come into its own for fine furniture and architectural millwork. It takes a stain well and can be finished to look a lot like Cherry. Soft Maple can produce a strong tiger figure pattern They are finely finished inside and out and are available in many sizes, woods and finishes. Please scroll down to view our Shaker Vanity options. Two Door Single Bowl Shaker Bath Vanity shown in Tiger Maple wood in our Cinnamon finish. 2 Door Single Bowl Vanity with Drawers on right shown in Tiger Maple wood with our Fireside finish Woods like Maple have some amazing looks when they include figuring. Even when raw, the look is amazing when the light hits it. The figure seems to move around and have real 3D depth to it. Simply oiling or clearcoating figured wood looks a million dollars. Amazing quilted back on an exhibition-g.. This curly soft maple is highly figured with tiger-striped rays running perpendicular to the grain pattern. Along with the wood's light color, this striping lends a shimmering quality to the lumber. Even unfinished, the wood has a very pleasing interaction with light While a simple, straight grain makes hard maple beautiful, its durability and resistance to abrasion qualify the wood as an ideal material for butcher block countertop installations

Would like to trade tiger curly silver maple (with shipping and/or cash) for a Oneway Easy Core setup. Anyone tired of their coring system then let's talk. Here's a sample of the tiger curl, but willing to discuss amount available and any money needed to make it a fair trade Alibaba.com offers 984 maple tiger wood products. A wide variety of maple tiger wood options are available to you Maple. Acer. Curly Maple, also known as Tiger Maple, is a figured wood. The grain of the wood grows in a distinctive stripe or flame pattern. Birdseye Maple refers to Maple grain that grows in a swirly pattern. Collectively these types are known as Figured Maple and they are among the world's most sought-after woods

A wood doesn't float, for example, if it's specific gravity is 1.00 or greater. We display the specific gravity for each of our woods using it's kiln-dried measurement (instead of the non-dried measurement). It's Just a Guide. The trouble with this number is that the specific gravity of a wood changes with its moisture content About Curly Maple. Curly Maple is Maple wood with a unique wavy, curly figure to the grain. The ripples in the grain pattern create a three dimensional effect that looks like the wood has 'curled' along the length of the board. The figure is most noticeable after a finish is applied. This is a medium figured wood, and some boards may be brown. Solid Tiger Maple Table by Tom Dumke. Classic Shaker styling meets modern sensibility in this masterpiece of fine woodworking beautiful for narrow spaces or situated along a long hall. The table has a simple shelf beneath the tabletop, providing a space for books, apparel, or other mementos of everyday life. Stunning standing by itself or placed against the back of a sofa Maple is a hard wood and doesn't need much protection from a finish, and since the piece is an antique, you don't want to detract from the luxurious patina it has developed over the years with a. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Thick Tiger Maple Wood Board, Maple Lumber. Curly Maple, Woodworking at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

And while the aesthetics of a violin might not be the first priority of the student, conductor, player, or audience member, all great violins have the shimmer, tiger-like skin that well-figured maple provides. The selection of the wood is just the beginning of the work of the luthier Looking For Maple Turning Wood? Find It All On eBay with Fast and Free Shipping. Check Out Maple Turning Wood on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today Tiger Maple has a unique pattern to it, the pattern travels across the grain and can look like stripes, waves or small flames. The curly grain can make tiger maple less stable than straight grained maple. Tiger Wood is a hard durable wood and is a frequent choice for custom-made furniture. Recommendations

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For example, soft maple wood that was cut with flatsawn and produces a perfect quilted maple design is prized almost above all available types of curly maple. In addition to the name curly maple, this type of wood is also known as rapid grain maple, flame maple, ripple maple, tiger stripe, fiddleback, and others Tiger Maple is a remarkably special wood, and I particularly enjoy working with it. Why work with Tiger? In rare cases, maple trees produce wood with incredibly prominent figure, in a wavy, holographic pattern. Finished with Danish oil or high-gloss polyurethane, unstained or multicolored in aniline dyes, my art — American flags, abstract. Ktkamm, tiger and curly are both terms used to describe maple with wavy grain. Curly is the broader term, while tiger refers to curly maple that has been cut in such a way that the curl reveals cross grain banding with unique reflective properties The Fiddleback Maple figuring is occasionally found in other hardwoods, including walnut, koa, ash and, rarely, other domestic and imported hardwoods. Fiddleback Maple is also known as 'Flame Maple', 'Tiger Maple', 'Curly Maple', or 'Tigerstripe Maple'. Fiddleback Maple exhibits a dramatic change in the individual stripes or lines

This tiger maple wood Pennsylvania Table was handcrafted in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It was custom made for a customers dining room. They got a 7ft length since they wanted to get 8 people around it. This is one of our more popular selling sizes for the dining room Spalted Maple doesn't denote a species, but can be any member of the Acer genus that has black lines and/or streaks in the lumber caused by slight decay and a fungus in the wood. Maple is the only American wood species harvested primarily for its sapwood, rather than heartwood. Since the beginnin of mass commercial production of the electric guitar, in the early 1950's, Hard Maple has remained. Birdseye Maple Wood has been in the exotic figured maple wood business for over thirty years. We have provided this instrument grade maple to many well known large guitar companies over the years in the guitar building industry. We specialize in Birdseye Maple, Curly Maple, Fiddleback Maple, Spalted Maple, Quilted Maple & Hard Rock Maple for. Hard Maple wood, which is also referred to as Sugar Maple, Rock Maple and White Maple Wood, comes from the Northeast and Midwest regions of the U.S.The sapwood ranges from an off-white cream color to nearly white, on occasion with a reddish or golden hue. The heartwood contains straight grain and has a tendency to be a darker reddish brown in color

VERY FINE EARLY PERCUSSION SILVER MOUNTED TIGER MAPLE VIRGINIA LONGRIFLE CIRCA LATE 1820'S. 56 o/a with 40 ½ deeply rifled .47 caliber octagon barrel with faint This is a very fine example with both metal and wood close to 99%, gun has minimal wear and appears to have been used sparingly. Please callClick for more info I'm not a fan of big tiger striping grainy woods. I like the grain subtle And that being said, maple is affordable and plentiful in my area. Had I known what a nightmare this was going to be, just beginning woodworking, spending 2000 dollars on tools and wood already for my 10 piece full wall bookcase, I would have spent the extra money on. Ooop! The email you entered isn't valid. WooHoo! You subscribed successfully. Ok! You're unsubscribed Tiger wood is an especially dense wood. This classic butcher block design provides stability, durability and a superior edge for knives to cut on. With the extra large 22 by 16 inch surface, this butcher block will be up for all of your kitchen tasks

natural fiber ropes like cotton or hemp soaked in paraffin wax. its then rapped around the stock burning the rope and slowly spinning it as it burns. this is said to be the traditional way. a also here u can soak the rope in some link of mild acid, this chemically stains the wood. i have seen my dad do it with a torch to. Tiger Maple One of the most visually striking woods that I use is Tiger Maple. It comes from the Northern United States, and Canada. This particular wood really stands out when exposed to direct sunlight. This flute is available in the keys of Am, Gm, F#m. The Em is a long flute

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Big Leaf Maple (Curly Figure) Products. Note: our wood products are sold with no guarantee of moisture content. Send us an email or call (800) 556-3106 with any questions or to request more specific photos of a piece. North Woods Figured Wood serves wholesale customers only. Please contact us to open an account 2. For maple stocks, Sugar Maple will be provided upon request when available. 3. Inquire for prices and availability of English and West coast Walnut. 4. All of the above blanks are normally 2 3/8 to slightly more than 2″ inches thick, with the full stocks taking 42 to 28 inch long barrels with a 15+ inch pull. Limite Maple wood has a fine, uniform texture with generally straight grain, but variations such as birdseye, tiger, flame, curly, wavy, rippled or fiddleback grain occur and are often selected for specialty custom artisan furniture. When the grain has added character like this, it's referred to as figured.. Western Big Leaf Maple (All) Myrtlewood (All) Port Orford White Cedar (All) English Walnut (All) Musical Billets. Cherry (All) Claro Walnut (All) Western Big Leaf Maple (All) Myrtlewood (All) Port Orford White Cedar (All) Back and Side Sets (All Wood) Side Billets (All Wood) Rare & Wide Boards. Claro Walnut (All) Maple (All) Myrtlewood (All Quarter sawn or tiger eye? Yes, it is. I frequently field questions from readers about what kind of wood a piece of older or antique furniture is made of. There seems to be a great deal of confusion among some collectors about what a certain type of oak is called and where it comes from. One reader told me that a veteran dealer informed him. Tigerwood is a bold and dramatic exotic hardwood from South America that is family friendly and really makes a statement!. It's variations in color, caused by it's dark tiger striping makes it easy to decorate with and complements nearly any decor

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